Episode 17: Do You Like Scary Movies?

Well, do ya? I mean, they are not for everyone but you should really like them anyway! I mean who doesn't like to be scared? Joining me is Alyx and Andy! Alyx is one of my models and Andy is her boyfran! We will discuss our favorite scary movies and why being scared is so much fun!

Joining me today is Alyx and Andy!

Joining me today is Alyx and Andy!

Episode 16: I Read Spookies to You Now

I read to you, spooky 2 sentence tales! You can google and find all kinds on the interwebs. I was all alone, researching for a different podcast and came across these and thought it would be fun to read some to you all! I hope you enjoy this little intimate moment between us. Turn off the lights and snuggle up with a blanket! 


Episode 13: We Are Positive Your Body Is Fine

This episode Kelli and I discuss body positivity. In the words of one of my idols "If you can't love yourself how the hell ya gonna love somebody else! CAN I GET AN AMEN IN HERE?!"
Don't let others dictate your self worth! Be happy with who you are, and if you are not then change it, but only change for yourself


Episode 12: It's Andy!

I have a super talented and funny little brother named Andy!
I love him the most! Don't tell Kelli! Come have a listen and laugh with us! We chat about theater, the horrible mating habits of otters and Uncle Andrew's Pickle Basement! We chat about other stuff too! 


Joining me today is Andrew James Open Door Theater Company - Facebook - Website

Joining me today is Andrew James
Open Door Theater Company - Facebook - Website

Episode 7: So You Wanna Be a Model

So you want to be a model? 
There are some things you should know and we will discuss those and try to offer some advice.
It may come as a surprise to some people, but you just can't do one photo shoot with some local yolkal and all of a sudden you are Kate Moss! I know, it's a hard reality to swallow ladies and gents!

Episode 6: I LIKE IT! I HATE IT!

Let's dive into getting to know us two broads better! 
We will talk about things we like and things we LOATHE! 
We will talk about things from desserts to traveling to the good ol' great Minnesota get together, the STATE FAIR! 
Grab some tea and sit for a bit while we banter, and I try to keep us on track!


Episode 5: We love the 80's...and Patrick Swayze!

Joining me this episode is one of my dearest best pals Ray!
We will take you down memory lane as we discuss our favorite decade!
From movies, to music to fashion and all the things in between! 
Grab some shoulder pads and tease that hair! Let's like have some fun!

Joining me today is Ray

Joining me today is Ray

Episode 4: Meth Ghosts and Jizz Soap

Pretty sure by the title alone, it's a good enough explanation. Do I need to say anything more? Kelli and I share funny or weird stories about being a photographer and a tattoo artist.
I also share my allergy sniffles once again, YOU ARE WELCOME! 


Episode 1: Let Me Tell You Bout My Breast Friend!

In this episode, you will get to know Kelli and I and a little bit of what you can expect from future Podcasts. We are not so normal people from Minnesota, who lead not so normal lives. 
So pop an earbud in, and let's get this party KRUNK! Is that what the young people say now a days?

H Morgen and Kelli

H Morgen and Kelli