Episode 22: Roman Hart

Joining me today is Roman Hart! Local Burlesque performer, Pink Bratty Domme Princess and one of my models! She's weird, funny and always down for some fun art! I really enjoy her and I hope you will too, well even if you don't we don't care! From face sitting to waffles, join us for some awesome conversation! 

 Joining me today is Roman Hart!

Joining me today is Roman Hart!

Episode 19: Let's Talk Horror

Kelli and I discuss horror photography and why we love to make it!
We get off topic and it goes into our love of Hawaiian men, it's a roller coaster ride with us ok!
I blame Kelli.

This was done about a month ago and I have seen IT since and IT was AMAZING!


Episode 18: I Ain't Afraid of No Ghosts

Kelli and I talk about ghosts and spookies!
Learn about some haunted Minnesota places and some personal spooky stories from us!
Side note! Kelli and I did visit Nopeming after learning about it in this podcast, and it's super cool! We recommend taking the tour! 

Episode 17: Do You Like Scary Movies?

Well, do ya? I mean, they are not for everyone but you should really like them anyway! I mean who doesn't like to be scared? Joining me is Alyx and Andy! Alyx is one of my models and Andy is her boyfran! We will discuss our favorite scary movies and why being scared is so much fun!

 Joining me today is Alyx and Andy!

Joining me today is Alyx and Andy!

Episode 16: I Read Spookies to You Now

I read to you, spooky 2 sentence tales! You can google and find all kinds on the interwebs. I was all alone, researching for a different podcast and came across these and thought it would be fun to read some to you all! I hope you enjoy this little intimate moment between us. Turn off the lights and snuggle up with a blanket!