Episode 7: So You Wanna Be a Model

So you want to be a model? 
There are some things you should know and we will discuss those and try to offer some advice.
It may come as a surprise to some people, but you just can't do one photo shoot with some local yolkal and all of a sudden you are Kate Moss! I know, it's a hard reality to swallow ladies and gents!

Episode 6: I LIKE IT! I HATE IT!

Let's dive into getting to know us two broads better! 
We will talk about things we like and things we LOATHE! 
We will talk about things from desserts to traveling to the good ol' great Minnesota get together, the STATE FAIR! 
Grab some tea and sit for a bit while we banter, and I try to keep us on track!


Episode 5: We love the 80's...and Patrick Swayze!

Joining me this episode is one of my dearest best pals Ray!
We will take you down memory lane as we discuss our favorite decade!
From movies, to music to fashion and all the things in between! 
Grab some shoulder pads and tease that hair! Let's like have some fun!

Episode 4: Meth Ghosts and Jizz Soap

Pretty sure by the title alone, it's a good enough explanation. Do I need to say anything more? Kelli and I share funny or weird stories about being a photographer and a tattoo artist.
I also share my allergy sniffles once again, YOU ARE WELCOME!